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Tyres & Brakes


At Catherine Street Motors we stock thousands of car / commercial tyres. We stock all makes and sizes of tyre, dependant on your vehicle.

You can be guaranteed to get the best possible price and service by our friendly staff.

We can supply any make of tyre from leading tyre brands to cheaper budget tyres to suit your price budget.

Free Tyre check service - The legal requirement for tyre tread depths is 1.6mm. If you think your tyre is close to the legal limit then see one of our technicians for free advice on your tyre.




The purpose of your braking system is to slow and stop your car.  The braking system is controlled by a foot pedal and by a hand / parking brake.

It is important to have your brakes checked regularly as this could save you time and money by preventing damage to other components.

Your braking system should be maintained and be operating at optimum levels. Your brakes will also be checked as part of your annual mot.