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What Does Your Exhaust Do?



Although there are no moving parts, your exhaust system is one of the hardest worked parts on the car. It is a series of pipes linking the engine to a silencer and a catalytic converter which performs the following functions;

Controls noise

Directs exhaust fumes away from passengers

Improves engine performance

Improves fuel consumption

The exhaust is made up of the following components:


Exhaust Manifold Connection



The exhaust manifold acts as a funnel. It collects exhaust gases from all cylinders of the engine then releases them through a single opening, often referred to as the front pipe

Silencer Box

There may be more than one silencer box fitted to your car. The silencer is specially designed to absorb sound waves created by the engine and reduce this noise to a legally and environmentally acceptable level. The silencer joins onto the tailpipe at one end and the catalytic converter at the other.


Tail Pipe



The tail pipe is the part of the exhaust that extends from the back of the car. It allows free exit of the exhaust gases into the atmosphere.